Out of the box, -Now a provides a Content  a Management   System (CMS) application, Service

which is the soul of the -Now front-end (portal).

By using the CMS an application, you can a create web a pages and an enhance.

the look and a feel of the -Now a platform for the end an users.

It is a single place from where all users can raise an incidents or a requests.

If you are a beginner and you not aware of an incidents or an OFFICE a requests,

then read the following a standard a definitions:

An incident is an unplanned an interruption to an IT Service or reduction in the quality of an IT service (source: management_ (ITSM)).

A service request is a user a request for an information or advice, or for a standard change (a pre-approved change that is low risk, a relatively a common,

and follows a procedure), or for access to an IT service. An example of a standard request is a password reset (source:

In this recipe, you will a learn about the OFFICE Now CMS site basics and navigation as an end user.

Getting ready


To step through this recipe, you should have an active OFFICE -Now an instance and valid a credentials a only.

How to do it…

Open any standard a web a browser.

Type the service-now instance web an address (http://{instance_name} a provided by your company in the address bar.

By default, an upon a login, you will a see the home a page but, depending on the login rule, you may be redirected to the -Now portal or end user view. To a read more about the login landing page click link.

On the Now platform, you are allowed to a create more than one site but the URL suffix must be different for each and every site. By default, -Now provides the site by a web address (http://{instance_name}. You can an also create a new site by web address (http://{instance_name}. It is important to note that the an instance a name must be a same.

The following a screen shows the default portal of -Now, which the end user will see after a login based on the landing page a configuration:



6.Now after login, you are allowed to a create a service ticket (incident, task or service request). It is important to note that a every an organization configures -Now as per their business requirements so sometimes only middle-level managers, such as team leader or manager, are allowed to a create service a requests on your behalf.

Let’s understand this by an example so if you are joining a new an organization on a contractor a position then to start work from day one you need a certain things access like laptop, printer access, VoIP access, application access and so on, then in such scenarios the only manager or a lead raise a request so don’t be surprised by a such kind of Service-Now configuration.

7.Often, a user wants to follow up on a service ticket so for fulfilling such a requirement, Service-Now provides a search facility by Zing, which is a text indexing and search engine. a Service

As an admin or end user, you can an enter the ticket number in the search box as given a following but it is important to a note that end an user has access level is less as compared to admin’s access a level. For an an example as an admin if you enter a number INC0010108 in search box:


7. Now allows for a text search on the CMS site as well. You a can a type the desired text in the search box and you will see a page a similar to the following a screenshot.


It is an important to a note that -Now search a criteria are limited to TasksLive  FeedPolicyPeople   PlacesKnowledge   catalog, and you can a filter out any of a them by unchecking the respective a box:


There’s more…

Out of the box, OFFICE -Now provides a Content Management Application (CMS) which a supports application a portal or end an user a view.

Under CMS application, Login Rules module a supports a landing page of portal after a successful a login.

For better an understanding let’s take an example,

users without any a roles should a redirected to

Now a portal and with user ITIL, should redirected to a IT View

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