Managing Your online login Text Now Account .

“My Account” TextNow Account can a mean different things to different people  and to different companies.

Text Now Account To us it’s more than just fields of text and that spell out your name and email address.

If you’d like to learn about all the powers you hold through your TextNow account and check out these tips below:

Changing My Plan Text Now.

One of the biggest inconveniences of traditional phone contracts is you’re a stuck paying for the same exact plan .

the duration of your contract and regardless whether your a circumstances change and not.

And if you’re a not on contract but need to change your plan as a time goes by and you’re usually tasked with the challenge of getting through.

to customer service to be able to make that change.

With cellular TextNow service and you can open up the menu of your Text Now app and tap on.

My Account to open up your Account portal where you can make all the changes you need.

A little low on cash this month and need to cut back?

Tap Manage Plan and then tap Change Plan and pick and the plan you’d like to use for the next billing cycle.

Alternatively if you’d like to add a bit more high-speed data to your plan.

you can also a upgrade to our 2GB or Unlimited LTE options.

Whatever you situation may be, you’re the one with all the control to make your phone plan meet your needs.

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Changing My Phone Text Now .

Have you upgraded to a spiffy new phone?

Swapping your Text Now wireless service to your new phone is just a couple of clicks away.

Head to your Account page and scroll down and tap on Manage Device.

then tap on a Swap Active Device and under Activate a Replacement Device.

That’ll bring you to a page where you choose the type of phone you’re swapping to and enter the required information that can be found in your new phone.

Once that’s done and download TextNow onto a your new phone if you haven’t already and sign into your TextNow account. That’s it!

Porting My Number .

We wouldn’t be much of a phone service if you couldn’t port your number to us.

Here’s how! On your Account page, scroll down and tap Number Porting

Tap on Port my number to start porting it over to TextNow.


Cancel My Service Text Now .

‍And finally if you are need to cancel your text now plan entirely.

you can by tapping Cancel My Subscription on your Account page.

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