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Subscribing in to government agencies should be simple — and secure.

One account and password

Login.gov is a secure sign in service used by the public to subscribe in to sharing government agencies. sharing agencies will ask you to produce a Login.gov account to securely pierce your information on their website or operation.

You can use the same username and password to pierce any agency that mates withLogin.gov. This streamlines your process and eliminates the need to flash back multiple usernames and watchwords.

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Login.gov is used to secure your account when you apply for

  • Federal jobs( USAJOBS- Office of Personnel Management)
  • TSA PreCheck and Global Entry( Trusted rubberneck Programs- Department of Homeland Security)
  • Small business loans and disaster backing( Small Business Administration)
  • And more

How does it work?

sharing agencies useLogin.gov to help cover their druggies. When you try to subscribe in to a sharing agency, you ’ll be urged to subscribe in or produce an account withLogin.gov before you can pierce your profile with that agency.

All participating agencies use Login.gov for secure sign in.

You give two pieces of information to securely subscribe in and cover your information.

  • password
  • Authentication system( similar as a one- time law transferred to your phone or an authentication app)

Using both a password and another system makes it delicate for others to pierce your information.

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How to sign in toLogin.gov

Every time you subscribe in to yourLogin.gov account, you’ll need your dispatch address, your password , and access to one of the two- factor authentication styles you set up.

Follow these way to subscribe in toLogin.gov.

1.Enter your dispatch address at https//secure.login.gov.
2. Enter your password .
3. Click the “ subscribe in ” button.
4. Authenticate using one of the styles you set up. Options include

  • Using face or touch unlock
  • Entering a security law from your authentication operation
  • Using your security crucial
  • Entering a one- time law that you admit by textbook or by phone call
  • Entering a backup law
  • Using your civil government hand or military ID( PIV or CAC)

5. You’ll also be taken to yourLogin.gov account runner.

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