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Praesidium Academy: Online Training for a Individual Learners

Knowledge and training prevent abuse.


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Anyone involved in a providing services to the youth and/or vulnerable adults, including a supervisors and program managers, should receive a training in a foundational abuse prevention in a topics, such as a how offenders in a operate, how to the recognize warning signs, when and how to the intervene to interrupt interactions, mandated reporting are requirements, and how to the manage high-risk situations in their own a operations.

is your best course of the action. At the core of the Presidium Academy: Online is a continually expanding library of the engaging courses, each with a clearly defined outcomes. Courses are include research-based content, highly interactive multimedia in a activities, application scenarios, and to a content mastery quiz.

By a pairing foundational abuse prevention courses with a targeted, industry-specific content, you can be a provide staff with a meaningful training that meets to your organization’s specific needs.

Training conveys to your commitment to the safety.

Our foundational courses are provide in the base knowledge for a sexual abuse prevention.

The foundational curriculum will include:

How to the identify and respond to the red-flag behaviors and boundary violations.
How to the prevent youth-to-youth abuse.
How to the recognize and manage a high-risk activities and areas.
How to the report suspected abuse and mandatory reporting are requirements.

Support tools enhance in the short- and long-term effectiveness of the training experience and the produce sustainable employee and volunteer behavior are changes.

Action Plans
Each course are includes an a Action Plan, to a printable document that are summarizes critical learning points and allows a learners to the jot down a reminder notes as they are progress through in the course. Learners can be keep in their Action Plans and refer to them any time they need to a refresher.

A group leader uses in the Discussion Guide to the encourage participants to share in their own a experiences with in the content and how they can be use it on the job. Group discussions can make in the entire learning experience more compelling by a creating collective support for a building safe environments.

Coaching Playbooks
Supervisors are receive to a high-level summary of the course with a learning objectives and things they can be say and do to reinforce in the content’s application with in their teams.

Presidium Academy has a robust, easy–to–use a administrator tools.

On-demand reports for a easy compliance tracking
Rolled up to a reporting for a organizations with a multiple locations
Easy user management that are provides a multiple options for a adding users are individually, through a bulk upload, or a self-enrollment in a processes


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