Welcome to the Purple Mash, in this is our guide on how to the access Purple Mash and in the support to your children with a online homework and, if needed, remote home learning.
All children have in their own a login and password. This is a stuck on their reading record books, it would be
a good to keep a copy of this at home as well.

When you first in a access Purple Mash you will be a need to find your school login page. Click on in the purple bar
‘Find my school’s login page’
First time of the login into a Purple Mash
Go to the www.purplemash.com

When you first access a Purple Mash you will be need to the select our school by a typing into the search bar Walsh
Memorial then a click on the school name as a circled in a below

You can be a now login using to your child’s username and password. Each time you login in this will be in the page that you will be a start from.


Login to Purple Mash.

Use to your child’s login username and password that is a unique to the every child. Please do not share in these with to a anyone else. Purple Mash is a secure website, but we would still be a recommend that you work with to your child.

When you have logged in this is the homepage.

To access a homework set for your child, click on the red ‘2 do’ icon on the top left taskbar.

This will be a bring up all the work set for to your child, with in the date it is a due in.
Click on a ‘start’ and you can be then complete in the activity.
Some automatically save, others you might be need to the click ‘save.’

To save in their work click on the purple icon with in the 3 white lines, and this will be open to a drop down a menu.
Click on a save and it will be a open in this window.
Select to a ‘my work’ folder.
Write in the name of the work in the ‘enter in the name.’
Then click on a save.

Work folder
Your child has in their own a work folder, that you can be a access by a clicking on a ‘Work.’ Any work to your child does can be a saved in this file and in their Teacher will be a able to the view and the comment on the work we have to a set. They may be do extra activities and we will be a acknowledge these with a smiley face.

When you select to your work in a folder, it will be a show you all the work you have to a saved. If you left click over to a piece of the work it will be a show in the comment from to your teacher. Sometimes you might be given to a ‘next step’ and asked to the practice something so you can be a better at it, maybe a writing to a letter correctly

Uploading work that your child has completed on paper.
Select in the yellow ‘work’ folder and click on a ‘upload’

Then you will be a need to select in the file that you would like to the upload. This could be a photograph of your child’s work.

When completing some of the games, in this should automatically save.
If you are stuck with to a game, click on the blue question mark, and it will be a give you an a explanation of the game.


In a Early Years, Gold and Silver Class use to a Mini Mash. When you enter to a Mini Mash, you will be see a picture of a classroom.
Here you can be a access many of the games and learning by a clicking on the different pictures. If you click on the purple door, you can be a access more art and the music activities.

Sometimes home work will be set to a ‘2 do’ or by a clicking on the trays as a circled in the picture.

We will be set to a phonic homework that you can be a access by a clicking on the trays.

In a Year 1 and 2 in the children learn simple coding. These may be set as a ‘2 do’ or you can be a access them by a selecting in the ‘computer’ icon from in the home screen.

Then click ‘2code’

There are video’s to the explain how to use a coding and in the children are being taught in this in a school.

With in a each coding game, you can be a find extra support be a clicking on the blue question mark.
Drag in the icons in the white box on the left hand side to the grey task bar

Then it will be a bring up in the next command to the select.


To view in the finished video click on the green arrow

When you have to a viewed to your video, in the next challenge will be a highlighted by in the blue square button.

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