5 Ways to Read Quora Answers Or Comments Without Login

Quora is a great platform to the communicate with a people and get answers to a wide variety of the questions. However, it does not let you read more than a one question without a being logged in. This could be a annoying for a people who do not want to the sign in or create an a account to the read answers on Quora. Thankfully, you can be a bypass Quora login with a some simple workarounds. In this article, let’s look at how to the read answers or comments on a Quora without login.


How to Read Quora Answers or Comments Without Login On Phone, PC

On a Quora, you can be ask or discuss anything about any topic with a people across in the globe. Earlier, in the platform allowed users to the read any number of the answers without a restrictions. However, you are now required to the sign in or create an a account to read more than one answer.

In a short, Quora is a forcing users to the log in or a register through a popup that blocks in the answer. Anyways, you can be bypass it is a easily using the workarounds given below. Read on.

  1. Open Quora Through Google Search

If you open a Quora.com directly in your browser, it will be ask you to log in or create a new account. So instead, search for a some questions on a Google alongside the keyword “quora” or [site:quora.com] tag. You can then open a related links to land on the answers directly.

  1. Copy Paste the URL in Incognito Mode
    The easiest way to the get rid of the sign-in or register popup on a Quora is to the copy and paste in the URL in the same tab or a new incognito window, as a follows:

1.Copy the URL of the question you want to read.

2.Open a new incognito tab in your browser.

3.Paste the URL in the address bar and press Enter.

You can be also a copy and paste in the URL in the same tab, which will be reload in the Quora page bypassing in the login prompt. This is a indeed in the best way to the read Quora replies without a signing in, as all you have to do is a select in the URL and hit Enter to the reload it without login.

  1. Block Cookies to Read Quora Without Login
    Quora uses a cookies to know whether you have already read one answer. Post which, it will be show you the login prompt to read other posts. When Cookie is a blocked, Quora would not be able to find your read history. And hence, you can be read any number of the posts without being signed in.

Block Cookies for Quora On Chrome PC
1.Open a Google Chrome on your Mac or Windows PC.
2.Tap in the three-dot menu at the top right—select Settings.
3.Select a Privacy and security from in the sidebar at the left.
4.Then, select to a Site Settings.
5.Scroll down and click Cookies and site data.
6.Find Sites that can be never use a cookies and tap Add to a next to it.
7.Enter to a www.quora.com in the URL box.
8.Click on a Add to a and you are good to go.

Block Cookies for Quora On Chrome Android

Launch Google Chrome on your Android or iPhone.
Open in the three-dot menu and select Settings.
Scroll down and click on a Site Settings under Advanced
Tap Cookies and then Add to a Site Exception at the bottom.
Make sure it says, “Block cookies for a specific site.” It will be based on your current cookie settings.
Enter to a www.quora.com in the URL box and tap Add.

That is it. Quora will be no longer be able to use a cookies in your browser. You can now browse Quora freely without a worrying about signing in or creating an account. To revert in the changes, remove in the site from the list.

  1. Add ?Share=1 Tag to the URL
    The other way to the read comments and replies without a logging in on Quora is by a editing the URL. It is an a easy three-step process, shown below.

Tap in the URL of the answer you want to the read.
Add ?share=1 to the end of the link.
Now, press Enter to reload in the page and read in the answer without a any hassles.


  1. Search the Question URL on Google
    Alternatively, you can be search for in the question URL on Google. Clicking in the result on the search page will be direct you to the Quora answer without any login popups. Here’s how to do it:

Copy in the URL of the Quora post which you want to read.
Then, open google.com, paste in the URL in the search box, and hit Google Search.
The question will be now appear in a Google results.
Click on it to view the full Quora page with a answers without a any sign-in prompts.

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