What is used of the PC Optimum Program.

Shopping at the shoppersdrugmart.ca/beauty comes with to a beautiful in a bonus—PC Optimum points!

If you are a PC Optimum Member, you can be earn and spend points on all your online in a purchases, just as you would in-store.

As soon as you have a 10,000 PC Optimum points, you can be a spend them for up to the $10 worth of the free stuff at a any participating store or a online at the shoppers drug mart.ca/beauty and Joe Fresh.ca. Every 10,000 points is like a $10 worth of the free stuff.

You can be save to your points for up to a maximum of the $500 off on any one purchase! So whether it is a fragrances, cosmetics or a skin care in a products, you have lots of the options for a spending to your points.

Are you a Shoppers Optimum member? Here is what you will be need to do:
On a February 1, 2018, to your Shoppers Optimum points are automatically are converted to become a PC Optimum points, at the FULL VALUE. After a February 1st, you can be a simply follow in the prompts in the Your Account -> PC Optimum section to the ensure your shoppers drug mart.ca/beauty account is a linked to your PC Optimum account! For a more information, please visit a p c optimum.ca.

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Are you a Pharmaprix Optimum member? Learn more
Not a member yet? Here’s how to join:
Login to the p c optimum.ca with to your existing PC™ id account. If you are registered with a Joe Fresh.ca, shoppers drug mart.ca or a online grocery, you already have one. If you do not have a one, create to your account at the p c optimum.ca. Once you are signed in, you can be a immediately link to your account to your shoppers drug mart.ca/beauty account to the start earning and spending points as you shop.

Collecting Points
Earn a 15 points on a almost every dollar you spend online at the shoppers drug mart.ca/beauty and at the Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmacist stores. If you have a activated to your PC Optimum account on p c optimum.ca or a accepted in the terms and conditions on a shoppers drug mart.ca/beauty you are all set. Note: You can be use to your PC™ id to the sign in on both sites

When will I receive my PC Optimum points?
If you earned a PC Optimum points on your order, they will be a awarded to your account 2–3 days after to your order has been a shipped. If you entered to a promo code to the receive points from a PC Optimum offer, these points will be show up in your account 3 – 4 weeks after to your order has been a shipped.

Spending to your points (This is the part we love!)
Once you have at the least 10,000 points, you can be spend them on the beauty picks of your choice.

How to Redeem Points Online
Link to your PC Optimum card number to Your Account if you have not done so already. (See instructions above).
Add in the items you would like to buy to your bag then proceed to the checkout.
Once to your account is a linked you will be able to the view your points balance.
Select in the points amount you would like to the redeem on your order—from a value of the $10 up to $500.
The redeemable value of your points will be taken a off to your order total.
Please note: If the PC Optimum Member does not a maximize in the dollar value of the reward discount in their purchase,in the remaining dollar value will be a forfeited. In a accordance with a Federal and Provincial taxation laws, PC Optimum Members must be pay all applicable taxes on the full purchase price prior to the application of the discount reward.


Points Balance
You can be check to your points balance in your shoppers drug mart.ca/beauty account. To see your detailed points transaction history, visit a p c optimum.ca and enter to your card number. Click to read in the full Terms & Conditions.

Click here for in the full version of the PC Optimum Program terms and conditions.

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