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Wix Account¬†Sign in to access your site’s Editor, manage your business from your site’s dashboard, and more. The email address and password you.

Wix Account

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Google account

Apple account

Signing in with an email address and password

Sign in using the email address and password associated with your Wix account.

These are the email address and password in the Login info section of the your Wix Account Settings.


If you changed your email address or changed your the password after you created your Wix Account

make sure to the use your new email address or password.

To sign in with the email and password:

Go to Wix.com.

Click Sign In at the top right.

(If you see the Sign Up page) Click Log In.

Enter your email address and password.

Click Log In.

Signing in with social logins

You can an sign in to your account using social logins like your Facebook account, Google account, or Apple account.

To sign in with social logins:

Go to Wix.com.

Click Sign In at the top right.

(If you see the Sign In page) Click Log In.

Click the account type you want to the sign in an with on the right.

Follow the instructions on-screen to the finish logging in.

Want to change the social logins?

You can manage which social accounts you want to the use to the sign in to the your Account Settings.

Learn how to the manage social logins

Troubleshooting sign-in an issues

Click the issue below that you’re experiencing for the advice on how to the resolve it.

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Wix Account Sign in

I forgot my password

you can’t sign in an to your account you’ve forgot your password, you get an to reset link sent to the your email address.

Wix Account Sign in

From there, you can be create a new password to the sign in to an your account.

Click the Forgot Password or Email? link in the Wix Sign In an window.

Click Forgot an my password.

Enter your email address for the email associated with the your account.

Account Sign in

Check your email and follow the instructions to the create your new password.


I forgot my email address

can’t remember the email address that you used to the create your Wix account, you can be recover your account in an 2 ways.

not sure of the an your email address, you can be use our email locator tool to find the an correct login email.

have a recovery phone number added, you can be an recover your account using your phone.

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